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The decision all players make once Apex Legends odyssey begins is where to land. There are dozens of possible spots to consider, each with its own type of terrain and value of available loot. There are bunkers, buildings, and military bases scattered around the island. Is it best to jump right to a hot spot to acquire as much top loot as possible, or pick a quieter place to ensure higher chances of survival? This depends on your survival skills. Here are several landing options with high-tier loot. 

Supply Ship

The vessel is observed flying over the island at the beginning of every match. As your character descends from a different location every time, it is possible to miss the Supply Ship. However, in certain cases, it is not worth pursuing at all. 

Not only is it the most promising spot in terms of loot – but it is also one of the riskiest. If you are willing to take that risk, however, follow the tips below. 

  • Practice jumps to determine the best descent angles.
  • Start grabbing loot as soon as you land.
  • If you feel you are failing, run.
  • If you landed too late, run. 

Hot Zone

This area is highlighted on the map before anyone lands. Open it and identify the blue circled areas. Hot Zone may appear in various spots, but it always has the best gear. Adjust the angle during your fall, try to be there before everyone else and be ready for battles with competing squads. 


This is a relatively vast area. Thus, even with several rival teams present, you may still be able to snatch decent gear and engage in a fair battle. Just remember to descend close to the door, as the best weapons will always be inside the main building. Unless you manage to get there first, look around the buildings instead – you may find some loot anyway. There are always a few chests available.

The Pit

It is a good location offering decent gear. Less popular than other loot spots, it still has good weapons and armor. You can find several gear chests inside of it, and some weapons are usually scattered on the floor. What also makes it a good starting point is the paths leading from the Pit to other loot spots – the Bunker and the Slum Lakes. 

Fast landing tip

Using a jetpack, you have to land quickly and safely. After all, hot spots are very popular locations. Every second lost deprives you of vital competitive advantage. The solution to the acceleration problem is speed bonus. 

To get the benefit, a player must maintain the correct altitude during the fall. Hence, monitoring the SPD axis on the left side of the screen. The optimal value is 149-150. This will guarantee you move faster than your enemies.


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