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In the dynamic world of Apex Legends, there are five dozen squad combinations to choose from. A wise character combo, however, does not guarantee success by default. In fact, the odds for different Apex Legends teams are almost equal in terms of character potential. What makes a squad strong is the complementary skills of its members and the gaming experience of players. Certain human flaws will ruin your game no matter what the squad formula. First, here are five player types to steer clear of. 

1. Lone wolves

The very concept of the battle royale game is rooted in team collaboration, with independent players dying pretty fast. This leaves you with just one partner to support you soon after landing, and nothing could be worse. The Jumpmaster is there for a reason, and only tight-knit teams can stay alive. After all, there are 19 other trios pitted against you on the island. The chances of soloing an enemy squad are slim to none. There are few exceptions, so it is definitely not worth the risk. 

2. Loot hoarders

Collaboration means sharing, which translates into letting your squadmates have some gear in the BR universe. It is not uncommon to witness a certain team member grab all the loot he sees like mad. What they plan to do with all that ammo, weapons and items, is clearly against the very nature of the game, where the partnership is vital for survival.

3. Unhelpful partners

One of the unique features of the game is the respawn option. Not only can squadmates revive each other, but they may also even resurrect the fallen. rather than dashing to a new supply spot, a good teammate will refill your health. This failed strategy leads to defeat all too often. After all, the victory depends on the integrity of the trio.

4. Poor tacticians

In a situation when you spot a few rival teams shooting at one another somewhere in the distance, a teammate may commit the worst tactical sin. Instead of letting the opponents slaughter each other in peace, he will send numerous inaccurate shots, thereby only revealing your location for everyone to see. This behavior is simply foolish.

Winning squad combinations

Unless your squad consists exclusively of soldiers,  your odds do not depend on the Legends themselves. The key thing to remember is that their unique abilities must complement each other, providing a good balance between the offensive and the defensive. It is essential to be aware of each character’s strengths and weaknesses and ways in which your partner’s skills may come in handy. Some powers come in handy in attacking and fleeing alike.For example, consider the popular combo Bloodhound, Mirage and Pathfinder. Bloodhound is best when it comes to tracking enemies in hiding. Mirage will reveal their location releasing a Decoy, and Pathfinder will scan a Survey Beacon to figure out where the subsequent circle will end. The result is an effectively balanced trio focused on intel gathering. However, whether you will be able to utilize your strengths to the fullest depends on the player’s gaming skills.


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