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What makes Apex Legends special? Given its soaring popularity despite almost zero marketing, it must be offering something unique. The game is free to play on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and Origin for PC. However, the appeal is based on several other factors taking the genre a step further. Here are the main causes explaining the incredible success of Respawn’s virtual universe.


As a player, you are competing in a trio squad against 19 other teams scattered around an island. There are no duo or single modes, which underscores the importance of effective teamwork and collaboration within each squad. 

You descend together with no initial weapons or other resources to help you survive. Different areas of the island contain loot of different value, with the top spots being usually overcrowded and therefore risky. The higher the tier, the higher the power of an item. 

However, there is a natural hazard to consider. During the match, while rivals are engaged in dynamic battles all across the land, the area is gradually shrinking. The fight will continue until there is only one squad left alive. 


There eight Legends do not vary in terms of speed, firepower, or strength. What distinguishes them apart from their appearance is their own unique skillsets. Some Legends will cause the most harm to opponents, others are best at scouting, etc. 

Find a character that most suits your playstyle and complements the other Legends in your squad. For example, as Gibraltar, you can shield others from enemy fire, while Pathfinder will help cover long distances and Lifeline will heal wounded squad members. 


Respawn’s pinging system is efficient but simple and does not require players to speak into a microphone. Locations and items may all be instantly pinged on the screen to alert teammates. Pinpoint available gear nearby, tell others about threats or your own planned direction – it is all done easily and in no time.

Team-based mechanics 

Apex Legends is not a game for lone wolves. Even before landing on the island, players are encouraged to stick together. Without teamwork, you will probably perish quite fast. There are simply too many rivals to face and too many dangers to steer clear of. Not only could you be targeted as a rival, but you could also be hurt in the crossfire, or eliminated by the shrinking of the safe area. In theory, a solo victory is possible, but it is hardly doable in practice.

It is only through the right combination of character skills that you can get an edge. For instance, Wrath may create a Dimensional Rift that will put her squadmates on top of enemy players, while the Hox gas used by Caustic will keep other competitors at bay. 

Finally, the respawn feature sets the game apart from other battle royale worlds. If you happen to be injured, your partners may heal you, or even resurrect. Another peculiarity highlighting the value of team effort, it also contributes to the game’s addictive nature.


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