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To stay alive in a battle royale, you need to think on your feet and consider a multitude of factors. The island offers an abundance of top-class ammo, and beating the other 19 squads requires swift tactical thinking. What makes Apex Legends pro teams successful? Here are several tips to help you improve your gaming performance and boost win stats.

Fast landing tip

The sooner you touch the ground the more valuable loot you can secure for you and your squad mates. Use your speed bonus to accelerate and leave the rivals behind! The key to receiving the benefit is maintaining the right altitude during your fall. Keep an eye on the SPD axis shown on the left. Your best value is 149-150, as this guarantees you move more quickly than your opponents.

Landing Spots

Where should you land? May pros agree that despite the temptation to jump right onto the Supply Ship, this target is not worth pursuing in many circumstances. As the richest zone in terms of high-tier loot, it is also the most precarious spot to be in. Unless you have a ton of experience in handling all the associated threats, go for it, but bear in mind these simple tips: 

  • Practice your jumps to find the best angles.
  • Start collecting loot immediately.
  • In case of looming failure, escape.
  • If you land too late, escape. 

Other landing spots have their own specific hazards, so as a newbie, you could choose a quieter place with less coveted loot. Instead of rushing into fights head-on, slowly build up your ammo and take out rival squads when you are capable of attacking and defending yourself. After all, the loot they hoarded in all those risky zones will eventually be yours.

For example, Artillery is a good choice due to its vast area. If you manage to descend close to the door, you can snatch some decent loot inside the main building. If you arrive late, search the surroundings – there are usually a few chests scattered around the place.

The Pit is one of the less popular spots, but it offers a few gear chest and weapons lying across the floor. From there, you may also easily find your way to the Bunker and the Slum lakes, as there are paths leading right to them. 

Best squad combinations

Your teammates must add to your strengths, providing skills that you lack. Although pros claim no single combo guarantees success, ensure a nice balance between the offensive and the defensive capacities. For instance, when Wraith plays alongside Bangalore and Bloodhound, you will be alerted of approaching danger in time. Bangalore can release Smoke Grenades to stop rivals in their tracks, and Bloodhound will successfully hunt them down. 

Which of the eight Legends should you choose for yourself? Think of your own playstyle and preferences. There are soldiers, tricksters, and trappers, and it is best to have all three on one team. Do not focus on the class type much – too many users have pointed to their inaccuracy.


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